SpONSOR project is built upon a multiple and complementary expertise of Luxemburg, Swiss, Irish, and Italian partners:

  1. Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Public Research Centre, Luxembourg
  2. Coherent Streams (CoSt), SME, Switzerland
  3. Fondation Suisse pour les Téléthèses (FST), SME, Switzerland
  4. University of Geneva (UNIGE), Academic, Switzerland
  5. InTech (InT), SME, Luxembourg
  6. CNR – Institute for Cognitive Science and Technology (CNR-ISTC), Public Research Centre, Italy
  7. I+ S.r.l. (I +), SME, Italy
  8. VBot (VBot), SME, Ireland
  9. Netwell Centre and Casala, Dundalk Institute of technology (Netwell), End-User, Ireland

This provides a mix of academic and technological partners (LIST (LU), UNIGE(CH), INT(LU), CNR-ISTC (IT), I+(IT)), business and end-user experts (CoSt(CH), VBot(IE), FST(CH), Netwell (IE)), thus leading to a cross-sectoral and cross-disciplinary consistency from both the methodological point of view and the requirements linked to the expected impact, towards a perennial business model and further dissemination of results.

SpONSOR is coordinated by LIST.

Funding Agencies

M2 Enterprise Ireland